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Born in Budapest (HU) raised in Austria, with roots in Jamaica and Ethiopia Johnny K . Palmer is a real international citizen. Johnny has been working in the music industry as a Singer/Songwriter for the last 10years and as an artist has shared the stage with names such as Delirious, T-Bone, Jermaine Jackson, Kevin Max and Kirk Franklin.  He was first introduced to a broader audience appearing on the Austrian Casting Show STARMANIA in 2006. Since then he has worked as a songwriter for UniversalMusic, SonyMusic, M-Ton/WarnerMusic, Goldrecord and SchubertMusicPublishing penning Songs for Hungaries Top Artists as well as several finalists and winners from popular TV franchises like XFactor, RisingStar, theVoice and Megastar.  Johnny Co-wrote two Eurovision entries for Hungary…in 2011 „Wolf Katy - What about my dreams“ and in 2013 „Bye Alex - One for me“. Since 2011 he has had 3 or more songs in Hungaries Nations Preselection for the Eurovision Songcontest. He as also been writing for and with charting artist in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. Thanks to his school background in Graft design Johnny has a high competence and a good eye when it comes to visual art as well. In recent years besides taking on graphic design jobs, Comedydramahe has been taking advantage of his gift by staging and directing several Live and TV productions as well as music videos. In 2016 he became the musical director of the Hungarian Daily Comedy/Drama „Holnap Tali“ penning the Themesong for the show as well as overseeing musical production for „SUN CITY a HolnapTali Musical“  the MusicalTheater adaptation of the TVShow that premiered in Nov. 2017. Johnny’s  Musical background is Gospel&Soul but recently he has been active in the Rock & Pop and Musical scene as well.

"I believe making good music is about captivating and moving people" 

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